Educational activities and guaranteed fun for elementary school kids on your field trips

Did you know that 96% of teachers recommend Sorties Scolaires BdeB?

From May 27th to June 21st, Sorties Scolaires BdeB welcomes students from elementary school, aged 4 to 12, for a memorable day!

At Bois-de-Boulogne College, you have plenty of options! Several activities, equally educational and physical, are offered to reward students for a beautiful year of learning and the celebrate the arrival of the summer break.

A little bit of history…

Anime-Action program was created 25 years ago and more that 175 000 kids have come to live an unforgettable experience. Through the years, our expertise in animation has become a reference. Since the demand is ever-growing, we have developed new programs to broaden our offer and meet the needs of our customers.

In 2017, Anime-Action takes off under the name Sorties Scolaires BdeB.

Two miscellaneous activities

By going through our list of miscellaneous activities, you will find a selection of activities revolving around teamwork and problem solving while allowing kids to spend all their energy. The swimming pool option is also available.

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May 15, 2017



May 14, 2017



May 13, 2017



May 12, 2017



May 11, 2017



May 10, 2017

Learn and let loose !

Our six programs are custom-made by a specialist. The Action element is combined to one of the five programs selected. The Action element constitutes the second half of the day and includes two miscellaneous activities from a selection of 25 choices that allows kids to spend their energy and swing into Action.

Your kids will be stimulated, captivated, and supervised from the start of the day until the end. The swimming pool option is also offered as a miscellaneous activity.

We guarantee an unforgettable day during which the kids will develop social abilities and gain sufficient self-esteem to take part in new experiences that are offered by Sorties Scolaires BdeB.

Sorties Scolaires BdeB at Bois-de-Boulogne College

Sorties Scolaires BdeB are certified by the Association des camps du Québec (ACQ). Since 1992, we pursue our goal to offer an excellent selection of educational and physical activities while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

To know more, see our section Why choose Sorties Scolaires BdeB ?

A day
for you !

This day is also yours, a moment to unwind, a resourcing time for teachers and day care service personnel. Therefore, you are not required to follow the group.

We offer you :

  • Coffee and muffin to start the day
  • Free introduction to yoga class
  • A computer room with Internet access
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the College.

Please note that you need to be available on the College premises in case of a major problem.