From May 27th to June 21st, 2019

Robot-Action: Scientific and entertaining activities – elementary schools

This year, Sorties Scolaires BdeB is proud to offer teachers a robotics workshop for elementary students in which they will be able to participate. Our camp counselors are eager to welcome your students and introduce them to the wonderful world of robots and domotic.

A day in Robot-Action includes two activities that combine a scientific and an entertaining approach as well as two miscellaneous activities selected by the teacher. The teacher can substitute one miscellaneous activity for a swimming pool period.

Robot-Action allows students to program a robot and make it go through a track and race. Will your students be able to bring the robot to life by giving it the right instructions?

Robotic activities take place in two phases. Students will be regrouped in teams of 3 or 4 and will begin programming their instructions using a software on a tablet computer. Those instructions will be used to guide the robot through a track and to participate in a race against the other teams. Robot-Action is a program that helps kids better understand various scientific concepts through a collaborative project.

We are using two types of robot: WeDo 2.0 robot for preschool and 1st cycle and EV3 robot for 2nd and 3rd cycles. These robots can walk, punch, shoot, drive, turn, wave, etc. They can pretty much do everything we can think of. Each robot has its own unique features as well as a software that controls its behaviour. At the end of the day, students will have gone through an amazing experience and will better understand the world of robots. For a day full of discovery, Robot-Action is the perfect program for your students.

2 miscellaneous activities: Sports, arts, and games
Kids will engage in two miscellaneous activities preselected by the teacher or the person in charge of the day-care service from a selection of 25 activities. All activities, either sports, arts, or games, were created to promote teamwork and friendship. You can replace a miscellaneous activity by a swimming pool period.

Why choose Robot-Action ?

Nowadays, robots can be found everywhere! They build our cars, control our heating, clean our houses and are even essential for healthcare. It is crucial for kids to understand this part of the world. A robotics workshop is the perfect activity to quench their thirst for knowledge !

Discovering or developing an interest for technology

By choosing the Robot-Action program, you will allow girls and boys to discover and learn more about robotics and domotic. It is an amazing exploration opportunity at the beginning of their education that might guide their future choices.

Learning while having fun, that’s our goal !

With our mission and expertise, we are confident that the right games, when dosed correctly, are incredible tools to promote learning and to develop kids’ abilities…all while having fun !

TarifPour une journée complète

$ 20,00

par élève
  •  Gratuit pour les professeurs et les accompagnateurs
  •  Sans taxes applicables
  •  Journée complète prise en charge par nos animateurs
  • Local informatique disponible
  • Accès au réseau Wi-Fi partout dans le Collège
  • Cours d’initiation au yoga offert pour les accompagnateurs (si le nombre de participants est suffisant)
  • Ajouter l’option piscine pour 3 $/enfant

Enchanting site: Bois-de-Boulogne College

All our activities for elementary school kids take place on the enchanting site that is Bois-de-Boulogne College. You will profit from its indoor, outdoor, and aquatic facilities as well as its equipment.

It’s an opportunity for kids to step in a collegial institution, a place where they can observe, learn, and have fun safely !

Devoted professionals and camp counselors !

Highly qualified professionals !

  • Selected program offered by a professional
  • Program adapted to the group’s age
  • Experience in the area

Qualified camp counselors

  • More than 50 hours of training
  • First aid certification
  • Average age higher than 20 years old