From May 27th to June 21st, 2019

Sport-Action: Explosive and entertaining activities – elementary schools

Upon request, Sorties Scolaire BdeB offers you the Sport-Action program, specially made to let loose! Guaranteed fun !


A day in Sport-Action includes two sports activities that combine an explosive and entertaining approach as well as two miscellaneous activities selected by the teacher. The teacher can substitute one miscellaneous activity for a swimming pool period.

Sport-Action was specifically created for groups that need to move and let loose, mostly at the end of the school year. Sport-Action is defined by a sports tracks created with the students age in mind. Will your students be able to complete the track?

At the end of this field trip, your students will have spent a considerable amount of energy and will be happy with their newly acquired physical abilities.

For an exhilarating day, Sport-Action is the right program!
2 miscellaneous activities: Sports, arts, and games
Kids will engage in two miscellaneous activities preselected by the teacher or the person in charge of the day-care service from a selection of 25 activities. All activities, either sports, arts, or games, were created to promote teamwork and friendship. You can replace a miscellaneous activity by a swimming pool period. swimming pool period.

Why choose Sport-Action ?

Practicing sports is essential for kids. Physical activity stimulates growth and helps prevent numerous health issues. At the end of the school year, students sorely need a day to move and spend all their energy.

Allowing kids to spend their energy

Elementary school students are quite energetic and our speciality is to channel their energy and benefit from it in a recreational and educational setting. The sports track will allow kids to outperform themselves all around.


Thanks to the sports track, kids will be able to spend all their energy while having fun. The camp counselor will supervise kids while allowing them to outperform themselves both physically and mentally.

FeesFor the whole day

$ 17,00

per student
  •  Free for teachers and accompaniers
  •  Without applicable taxes
  •  Whole day is completely covered by our camp counselors
  • Computer room available
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the College
  • Initiation to yoga class offered to accompaniers (if the number of participants is sufficient)
  • Add the swimming pool option for $3/student

Enchanting site: Bois-de-Boulogne College

All our activities for elementary school kids take place on the enchanting site that is Bois-de-Boulogne College. You will profit from its indoor, outdoor, and aquatic facilities as well as its equipment.

It’s an opportunity for kids to step in a collegial institution, a place where they can observe, learn, and have fun safely !

Devoted professionals and camp counselors !

Highly qualified professionals !

  • Selected program offered by a professional
  • Program adapted to the group’s age
  • Experience in the area

Qualified camp counselors

  • More than 50 hours of training
  • First aid certification
  • Average age higher than 20 years old